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Table 2. Medicinal Plants - international concerns and issues





Chiang Mai


WHO/IUCN/WWF International Consultation on Conservation of Medicinal Plants

  • reaffirms commitment to collective WHO goal of "Health for All by the Year 2000"
  • recognises that medicinal plants are essential in primary health care, in self-medication, and in national health services
  • concerned with loss of (medicinal) plant diversity world-wide
  • focuses attention on the economic value of medicinal plants and their sourcing research into development of new drugs.

 Chiang Mai, Thailand



Kari-Oca Conference on Indigenous Peoples at UNCED focused on:

  • The need to inventorize, conserve, and bequeath to future generations the existing traditional knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants
  • Invest indigenous communities with their intellectual and cultural property rights.
  • Provide rural and non-industrialised communities with easy access to gene banks housing medicinal plant resources through appropriate training programmes.

 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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