Figure 4. Phylogenetic Analysis of 22 Plant PME's and Erwinia chrystanthemi PME. PMEU1 (U49330), LePME1 (U70677), LePME2 (U70675) and LePME3 (U70676) are from Lycopersicon esculentum; AtPME1 (NP_175787), AtPME2 (PC4168), AtPME3 (NP_188048), AtPME4 (AF077855), AtPME6 (AAF63815), AtPME7 (T05202), AtPME8 (NP_568181), AtPME9 (NP_196359) and AtPME10 (NP_196360) are from Arabidopsis thaliana; PER (AJ249611) and PEF1 (AJ249611) are from Medicago truncatula; PECS-1.1 (U82973), PECS-1.2 (U82974) and PECS-2.1 (U82975) are from Citrus sinensis; Bp19 (X56195) is from Brassica napus, PpE1 (L27101) is from Petunia inflata, RCPME1 (AF081457) is from Pisum sativum, OsPME1 (BAA96597)is from Oriza sativa and PMEB (X84665) is from Erwinia chysanthemi. Numbers are the bootstrap values.Phylogenetic analysis were done using PHYLIP (phylogeny inference package) ver 3.5c.

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