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EJB Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458 Vol.1 No.2, Issue of August 15, 1998.
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Scientific research and training in biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean: the UNU/BIOLAC experience

Camilo Daza
Carretera Nacional Hoyo de la Puerta Baruta
Instituto de Estudios Avanzados, IDEA
Edificio Bolivar, Planta Baja Venezuela
Tel.: (58-2) 9621644/9621605
Fax: (58-2) 9621120
E-mail: unu@reacciun.ve

Keywords: Biotechnology in Latiçn America and the Caribbean, Networking, Training, Courses, Fellowships, University


It is well known that the number of researchers in Biotechnology in Latin America and the Caribbean is too small to cope with the needs of research and to successfully confront the number of short and long-term problems.

The United Nations University created its Biotechnology Program for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNU/BIOLAC, and the results of the efforts aiming to the promotion of a shared sense of direction within the region´s scientific community are presented and discussed herein.

Supported by UNESCO / MIRCEN network
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