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Vol. 9 No. 2, Issue of April 15, 2006



Figure 2. Validity of PAb-MnSOD in detection of different susceptible and resistant pearl millet genotypes after inoculation. Inoculated two-day-old seedlings of different resistant (7042R, IP19292, IP18293, IP18294, IP18295, IP18296, IP18297, IP18298 and P-310-17) and susceptible (23B, HB3, 7042S and 700651) pearl millet genotypes with S. graminicola zoospores (4 x 104 zoospores/ml). The seedlings were harvested 4 hrs of post inoculation and used for the enzyme extraction. Samples were subjected to SOD activity by following the method of NBT reduction assay. 50 g of each sample was subjected to ELISA as mentioned earlier using PAb-MnSOD at 1:20000 dilution. The reaction was read at 410 nm using microtiter plate reader. Disease incidence was also recorded in the field for the samples. Data are mean ( SD) of three independent experiments with reading determined in triplicates.

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