Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
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Vol. 7 No. 3, Issue of December 15, 2004


Figure 4. Lysozyme expression.

a) Panel A: Kinetics of Lyz expression by SDS-PAGE analysis of the bacterial culture after induction with IPTG. Lane 0 corresponds to un-induced culture and lanes 1 to 9 corresponds to samples taken every hour during 9 hours post-induction. HEL corresponds to hen egg white Lysozyme as control. An asterisk (*) is used to identify the position of shrimp Lyz.

b) Panel B: SDS-PAGE analysis of Lyz. Lane Lyz corresponds to refolded protein after ultrafiltration through a 30 kDa membrane and concentrated. IB corresponds to the inclusion bodies before extraction with 8 M Gnd-HCl buffer.

c) Panel C: Lyz activity over M. luteus (0.05 % w/v) in agarose gel. Lyz indicates refolded and purified Lyz (1 µg), and RB corresponds to refolding buffer (see methods for composition). Egg white Lysozyme produced a halo similar to shrimp Lyz (data not shown).

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