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Vol. 7 No. 2, Issue of August 15, 2004

Table 7. Institutional infrastructure for biotechnology development available in Chile.

Sources of Funding



Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA)

Supports biotechnology projects related to Forestry, Agriculture-Livestock and Aquaculture


Fund for Advanced Research in Priority Areas (FONDAP)

Provides infrastructural support for the development of Research and Development centres that would create a critical mass of researchers in key development areas


National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT)

Funds Basic Research across several disciplines, from physics to philosophy, including biotechnology


Technological Innovation Fund for Bio-Bio Region (INNOVA BIO-BIO)

Exclusively supports the development of biotechnology projects in the Bio-Bio region. Its priority areas are: Forestry, Agriculture-Livestock and Aquaculture


The Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO)

Main source of economic support for the development of scientific and technological initiatives that have direct impact on Chilean industry. It offers more than 40 different financial instruments


Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development (FONDEF)

Provides funds for the development of industry focused Research and Development activities that promote Academia and Industry interactions


National Fund for Technological and Productive Development (FONTEC)

Supports technology transfer, technology development or adjustment of scientific innovations directly into operating productive companies


Technical Cooperation Service (SERCOTEC)

Offers funds for the implementation of innovative scientific activities that enhance the competitiveness and management capabilities of micro and small enterprises


Research and Development programmes in Biotechnology




Encourages the use of genomic, bioinformatic and proteomic tools to enhance Chile’s economic activity. The projects that are currently in development tackle Natural Renewable Resources and Biomining opportunities


Millennium Science Initiative (ICM)

Initially supported by the World Bank, ICM aims at fostering Chilean Research and Development at the highest international standards. Its current activities are divided into three Research Institutes and more than 10 Science Nuclei, where most of which are involved in biotechnology research


National Agricultural Research Institute (INIA)

Provides technical and scientific solutions to the Agricultural sector in Chile, with special emphasis in plant biotechnology


Support Institutions



Chile Foreign Investment Committee (CINVER)

Presents several incentives for foreign shareholders to invest in High Tech projects in Chile


Chilean Commission for the Development of Biotechnology

Aims at identifying and proposing biotechnology actions that should have a positive impact in the development of the Chilean economy and its society


Industrial Property Department (DPI)

Supplies a coherent database of biotechnological inventions that has been involved with patent applications in Chile, USA, EU and Japan


Science for Life Foundation (non-governmental)

Offers guidance in Biotechnology-industry topics in Chile, including: Research and Development, technical education, intellectual property, international exchange and diffusion campaigns


Chile Foundation (non-governmental)

Develops scientific innovations into biotechnology companies that, after proven successful, are offered for acquisitions or mergers in the main markets


Business Incubator Portal (part of Chile Foundation)

Presents a one-stop website of business incubation alternatives available in Chile


International Cooperation Agency (AGCI)

Provides useful information about international training opportunities in biotechnology, grants for continuing education and access to financial collaborations with foreign countries, including the European Union


RedBio Network (associated with FIA)

Supported by FAO, supplies access to information related to plant biotechnology development across Latin America


National Information System for Silviculture Biotechnology (SINABSI)

Introduces a detailed record of biotechnology projects that have been executed in the forestry sector


Entrepreneurs and Business Start-up Website (SitioEmpresa)

Compiles useful information for entrepreneurs who are planning to start their businesses in Chile


National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT)

Backs from different angles the development of Science and Technology in Chile, including: defining policies, promoting research programs and increasing public awareness


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