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Vol. 7 No. 2, Issue of August 15, 2004

Table 2. Proposed research themes offered at the 5 participating universities.


Research themes

Host research laboratory (-ies)


Environment organisms

Probiotic bacteria

Functional genomics in yeast

Yeast lipid biotechnology

Chromosome engineering in yeast

Enzyme engineering

Production of useful biomaterials by cyanobacteria and plant biotechnology

Biochemical engineering for fermentation processes

Application of mixed cultures in food production

Ecosystem engineering

Visual detection of specific genes on DNA and chromosomes Protemome analysis and related studies

Development of new techniques in transformation

Biomolecular engineering

Microbiology of oil assimilating bacteria

Microbial utilization of renewable resources

Computer-aided control of  bioprocesses

Cell culture engineering

Plant taxonomy

Microbial taxonomy by DNA and RNA similarity

Genetic and biochemical studies of biomembranes

Molecular biology of mammalian

gene expression and organellebiogenesis

ICBiotech, Graduate School of Engineering


Gene cloning of useful enzymes from microorganisms

Structure and function of polyamine in anaerobes

Molecular biology of oxygen tolerance in lactic acid bacteria

Genetics and ecology of rhizobia

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in gramineous plants

Metabolic engineering of microbes for overproduction of amino acids

Molecular biology of glutamic bacteria

Graduate School of Agricultural Science


Regulation of secondary metabolisms and morphogenesis of Streptomyces 

Application of microbial abilities for the solution of environmental problems

Molecular biology of Aspergillus     

Protein production by A. oryzae

Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Microbial enzymes, mainly glycosidases, and their genes

Microbial and enzymatic production of biologically and chemically useful compounds

Screening, biochemistry and molecular biology of new microbial enzymes

Extreme environmental microbiology

Thermostable enzymes of hyperthermophiles

Protein engineering

Development and application of cold active enzymes from cold adapted microorganisms

Enzymology of microbial enzymes

Graduate School of, Engineering, Graduate School of Biostudies


Biotechnology of Pseudomonads

Biotechnology and genetics of saccharolytic clostridia

Diversified utilization of renewable resources

Bioprocess control for anaerobic fermentation

Biochemistry, genetics and fermentation of bacteriocins of lactic acid bacteria

Graduate School of Agriculture

Source: National Commission for the Development of Biotechnology, Chile

ñ: For year 2000 the values were estimated.

a: Biotechnology company: a company that uses modern biological technologies (e.g. recombinant DNA, biochips, cell culture technology, tissue engineering, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, etc) to fabricate commercial products and/or provide services.

b: Employees: persons hired for a wage or fixed payment in exchange for personal services. Full-time equivalent identification has not been considered.

c: Revenue: total payment from sales of goods and services, minus the cost associated with returned or undeliverable merchandise.


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