Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
  © 2001 by Universidad Católica de Valparaíso -- Chile
Vol. 4 No. 2, Issue of August 15, 2001

Box 1: Established and Emerging Biobased Industries

  • Established Technologies

  • Recycled packaging materials from agro-industrial residues

  • Bioabsorbents for use in odour control, pet litter, animal bedding

  • Biocement in building, insulation, and road materials
  • Biocontrol products - soil amendments, fertilizers and pesticides

  • Biobased products - cellulose-based paints, cosmetics, textiles, and landscape products, e.i. decorative barks, floral ornamentals

  • Emerging Technologies

  • Plant-based plastics, starch-based biodegradable polymers and films

  • Biodegradable soybean oil-derived lubricants, and functional greased-refined fluids

  • Soybean derived inks and paints
  • Enzymes----Cellulases for fruit juice clarification and stone-washed jeans; amylases for nutrition enhancement

  • Renewable carton packaging materials from bagasse, kenaf

  • Biochips involving mating of bacterial proteins with silicon chips

  • Edible vaccines, rub-on vaccines


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