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Figure 1. Molecular sieving of sardine hydrolysate on a HW40 toyopearl column. 22 mg of proteins were dissolved in 7 ml of ammonium acetate 0.2 M pH 5.0 and loaded on the column. The column was eluted with the same buffer. The flow rate was 24 ml/h. The elution position of the different protein markers was indicated by the numbers: 1 = aprotinin; 2 = hCGRP; 3 = bacitracin. An aliquot (0.5 ml) from each fraction was analysed for CGRP immunoreactivity. Results were expressed as ng of immunoreactive peptide per fraction. Letters represent the fractions used in the radioreceptorassay. The hatched bar indicates the fraction showing a positive interaction in the CGRP radioreceptorassay.

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