Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
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Vol. 2 No. 3, Issue of December 15, 1999


Figure 2. Degenerate oligo-primed and inverse PCR analysis of apple genomic DNA

Panel A, PCR analysis using degenerate primers, IPGIPL and IPGIPR. Lane 1, lambda DNA digested with PstI; Lane 2 contains a PCR reaction with pLD1 (plasmid containing the bean pgip as template). Genomic DNA isolated from bean, pear and apple were used as template DNA in PCR reactions shown in lanes 3, 4 and 5, respectively. The position of the expected 351bp ipgip PCR product is indicated with an arrow.

Panel B, InvPCR analysis of BglII-prepared genomic DNA using AP-PGIP-INVL and AP-PGIP-INVR primers. Lane 1, lambda DNA digested with StyI; Lane 2 shows a PCR reaction with uncut genomic DNA as template; Lane 3 is a PCR reaction with the BglII-prepared genomic DNA as template; Lane 4, PCR reaction with control plasmid pIPGIP as template. A control PCR reaction with no template DNA is shown in lane 5.

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