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Vol. 14 No. 3, Issue of May 15, 2011

Table 4. Lr genes detected with PCR based markers in common wheat cultivars from Argentina.

Lr Genes





ACA 201, ACA302, ACA303, ACA304, ACA 315, Baguette 20,
BIOINTA Bonaerense 2001, Buck Chacarero, Buck Glutino,
Buck Mataco, Buck Norteño, Buck Pingo, Buck Sureño,
Caudillo, Onix, Themix-L, Klein Proteo


not detected


not detected


Buck Guatimozín


not detected


BIOINTA 1001, Buck Guapo, Klein Escudo, Klein Zorro


not detected


ACA 801, Klein Castor


not detected


Baguette 10, Baguette Premium 11


not detected

 Lr10 + Lr24

BIOINTA 1004, INIA Churrinche, INIA Torcaza,  Cronox

 Lr10 + Lr26

Buck Baqueano, Buck Ranquel

 Lr10+ Lr34

Buck Arriero

 Lr19 + Lr26

ProINTA Gaucho

 Lr24 + Lr26

BIOINTA 3004, Klein Gavilán

 Lr24 + Lr34


 Lr26 + Lr34

INIA Condor, Klein Guerrero, Klein Sagitario, Klein Tauro

 Lr34 + Lr47


 Lr10 + Lr24 + Lr26

Buck Malevo, Buck Puelche

*significant at P = 0.05; ***significant at P = 0.001.