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Vol. 14 No. 3, Issue of May 15, 2011

Fig. 1 PCR products obtained from wheat genomic DNAs amplified using Lrk10D1/Lrk10D2 primers. Lanes 1 to 10 are: 1- Exchange/6*Thatcher, 2-ACA302, 3-Buck Baqueano, 4-Buck Chacarero, 5-ACA 801, 6-ACA 223, 7-Baguette 10, 8-Baguette Premiun 11, 9-BIOINTA 1002, 10-BIOINTA 1003. M- DNA size standard (100-pb ladder, Biodynamics), 500-bp fragment is indicated with a black arrowhead. The grey arrowhead indicates the 282-bp fragment associated with presence of Lr10. The 362-bp fragment (white arrowhead) and the absence of PCR product are associated with absence of Lr10.