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Vol. 14 No. 3, Issue of May 15, 2011

Fig. 4 Western blots of (a) MKK7, (b p-MKK7, (c) Akt, (d) p-Akt (S473), (e) mTOR, (f) p-mTOR (S2448) and (g) β-actin. Rapamycin ‘-’ indicates no pre-treatment and ‘+’ indicates 2 hrs of rapamycin pre-treatment. TNF-α ‘-’ signifies unstimulated samples and ‘+’ signifies 2 hrs of TNF-α stimulation. This is a representation of three separate experiments. * significant increase at p < 0.05 vs control.Pre-treatment with rapamycin activated MKK7 and Akt after TNF-α stimulation. However, rapamycin pre-treatment prevented mTOR phosphorylation at serine 2448. β-actin was used as loading control. Densities for bands were recorded beneath each blot and were normalised to their respective loading controls.