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Vol. 13 No. 2, Issue of March 15, 2010

Figure 2. Expression of the PyGUS reporter gene in gametophytes and protoplasts prepared from allantoin-treated gametophytic blades.
(a and b) GUS expression of control and 10 mM allantoin-treated gametophytic blades, respectively, for which the number of PyGUS expressing cells was equal. (c-m) Normal regeneration of transiently transformed protoplasts in which the PyGUS gene was overexpressed under the direction of the PyAct1 promoter. PyGUS expression was observed in protoplast prepared from particle-bomberded gametophytic blades (c) and during regeneration of these protoplasts (d-m).
Scale bars: a and b, 100 µm; c-m, 20 µm.

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