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Vol. 13 No. 2, Issue of March 15, 2010

Table 1. Feature of general health appearance score (Shu et al. 1999).

General health appearance


Mouse bright-eyed alert, has a smooth coat with a sheen, responds to stimulus, shows interest in its environment


Fur slightly ruffled, a loss of sheen to the coat, mouse remains alert and active


Fur noticeably ruffled, parts of coat from clumps, mouse not as alert or active, less interested in environment outside of cage, signs of hyperventilating when handled


Mouse hunched over and sleepy, little interest shown in environment, fur clumped


Mouse non-reactive to stimulus, fur has a “bottle brush” appearance, i.e., standing on end, mouse hunched over preferring to sleep rather than react to environment, mouse cold to touch, paws are cold to touch



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