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Vol. 13 No. 1, Issue of January 15, 2010

Figure 1. Plantlet regeneration of Tigridia pavonia (L.f) DC from twin-scales.
(a) Shoots (arrows) of 0.5-1 cm in length developing at the basal portion of the scale, two weeks after culture in MS medium supplemented with 4.5 µM 2,4-dichlorophenoxiacetic acid (2,4-D) and 2.2 µM 6-benzilaminopurine (BAP).
(b) Shoot proliferation after 8 weeks culture in N6 medium supplemented with 4.5 µM of 2,4-D and 2.2 µM of BAP.
(c) Rooting of shoots, after 3 weeks on N6 basal medium supplemented with 1 g l-1 activated charcoal (AC) and 2.6 µM naphtalenacetic acid (NAA).
(d) A regenerated plantlet after 16 weeks in culture.
(e) Plants during acclimation 20 weeks after culture initiation.
(f) ISSR profiles generated by the primer ASSR-15 using T. pavonia individuals after two subcultures (lines 1-9) and from a mother plant grown under greenhouse conditions (line 10). M, represents the DNA ladder. bp, base pairs.

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