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Vol. 13 No. 1, Issue of January 15, 2010

Figure 2. Qualitative cell proliferation assay.
(a) Endoethelial cell proliferation induced by supernatants of host cells transfected with serially diluted pVGI.1(VEGF2) (Squares) or the empty vector pVGI.0 (diamonds). Cell proliferation was detected by BrdU incorporation, followed by quantification of BrdU in the fixed and denatured cells. Each point is an average of 9 replicates. Error bars show the standard deviation of the 9 results.
(b) Quantification of the VEGF-2 protein expressed by serially diluted pVGI.1(VEGF2). The VEGF-2 protein was quantified by receptor binding assay, with purified VEGF-C protein (R and D systems) as standard. Each point is an average of 3 replicate. Standard deviation of the three is shown as the error bar.

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