Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
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Vol. 11 No. 4, Issue of October 15, 2008

Figure 4. Flow-cell assembled and also showing some components.
(a) Assembled flow cell: 1) Top fitting for flow cell; 2) Upper horseshoe clamp for holding top fitting with flow-cell body; 3) Flow-cell central body; 4) Adjustable side-arm for the extraction of fluids and beads; 5) Lower horseshoe clamp for holding bottom fitting; 7) Adjustable valve for regulating flow and extraction of contents as well as allowing the upward flow of gasses such as N2 through the complete assembly.
(b) Expanded view of selected parts of flow-cell: 1) Top fitting for flow-cell; 2) O-ring between top fitting and main flow-cell body; 3) Aluminium filter designed to contain alginate beads, but to allow for liquid and gaseous flow; 4) Adapter fitting for Leur-Loc® syringe; 5) Glass-to-steel intermediate adapter; 6) Fitting with ground-glass flanged surface to attach to the side-arm of the central flow-cell body; 7) Clamp for holding the fitting onto the side-arm; 8) View of horseshoe clamp with three tightening screws.

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