Electronic Journal of Biotechnology ISSN: 0717-3458
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Vol. 10 No. 3, Issue of August 15, 2007

Figure 2. Biomass (X , mg/ml), substrate fat (S , mg/ml) (a) and extra-cellular lipase (Lip, IU/ml) (b) evolution during growth of Yarrowia lipolytica in batch bioreactor experiment. Representation of experimental points and theoretical curves of application of Verhlust- or Blackman-Williams-type numerical models. Culture conditions: growth on bioreactor, T=28 ± 1 ºC, stearin/(NH4)2SO4 20 g/g, S0=20 mg/ml, pH=6.0 ± 0.1, agitation rate 650 ± 20 rpm, aeration rate 0.3 v.v.m. Kinetics conducted in duplicate by using different inocula.

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